Summer Seminar

“The Virtue of Honesty: New Perspectives and Empirical Discoveries”

Wake Forest University

Summer 2023

Seminar Leader: Dr. Christian B. Miller, A. C. Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Honesty Project

Main Goal of the Seminar

The goal of the seminar is to be engage with the latest work on the philosophy and the science of honesty so that participants can better advance future research on honesty themselves and also improve their teaching in the area.

Seminar Description

An eight-day seminar will be held for 15 participants at Wake Forest University in the summer to 2023. The seminar will cover much of the latest work on the philosophy and the science of honesty, and will engage with questions such as:

  • What is the definition and value of honesty in its moral and intellectual forms? What are the behavioral and motivational requirements for being honest or exceptionally so?
  • To what extent are people honest? How does this vary by culture?
  • What contextual and internal factors encourage honesty and shape its development in individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions?
  • What are the consequences of honesty and dishonesty for relationships, groups, organizations, and institutions?
  • Under what conditions is dishonesty justified, if any? What factors lead people to be receptive to or offended by honesty?

Seminar meetings are expected to last roughly three hours per day, and will conclude on Thursday so that all participants can attend the Honesty Project Final Conference. Participants will have their travel, meal, reading materials, and lodging costs covered during the 8 days of the seminar and the 3 days of the conference. They will be housed at the Graylyn Conference Center (, one of the nicest facilities in the entire country.

Application Instructions

To be released in summer 2022.