Philosophy Research

Following the success of his first trade book, The Character Gap: How Good Are We?, Christian Miller will write a book for a general audience provisionally entitled, Is Anyone Honest? Confronting the Liar, Cheater, and Thief Inside All of Us. The book will examine why it is important to care about being an honest person as well as offer practical advice about how to grow in honesty. It will also explore the prevalence of forms of dishonesty in education, relationships, social media, and finances, and specifically tailor suggestions for mitigating dishonesty in those areas.

Empirical Research

The members of the empirical research team at Wake Forest University and Carnegie Mellon University will work together to unravel the mysteries of honesty in difficult conversations and honesty in daily life. We will carry out several coordinated and carefully crafted empirical studies within these two research areas, each of which will contribute answers to one or more of the five Big Questions at the heart of the Honesty Project. This research will employ a mixture of field studies, surveys, laboratory and online experiments, and coding of qualitative data.